Glove left on car seat led police to the culprit

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A GLOVE left on the passenger seat of a damaged car helped lead police to the culprit.

Robert Rowley’s DNA was discovered after a glove had been mistakenly left in an old Citroen.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how the owner of the vehicle, who runs a garage, had left the vehicle on a street in Astley as he planned to carry out some work on it.

But Mike Ardern, prosecuting, told how the vehicle went missing some time in January – only to be discovered in Atherton a short while later.

Damage had been caused to the car’s ignition and locks, wires had been left exposed and various items had been taken from the vehicle.

Following his arrest, Rowley, 26, of Kenilworth Drive, Leigh, made no comment in a police interview.

However, he subsequently pleaded guilty to interfering with a motor vehicle.

Rowley’s defence solicitor told how his client was unable to offer an explanation as to how his glove came to be on the passenger seat of the vehicle.

He added that his client was battling a drug problem – primarily concerning the use of amphetamine – but had been complying with the probation service after being given a previous court order.

Magistrates handed Rowley an eight-week jail sentence – suspended for 12 months.

He must also complete a six-month drug rehabilitation order and pay £165 towards prosecution costs and a victim surcharge.