GPs urged to cut medicine waste bills

Prescription bottle and pills
Prescription bottle and pills

WIGAN GPs have been urged to change the way they prescribe medicines in a bid to stop millions of pounds worth of drugs being thrown away each year.

Pharmacists say this would be easy to do if doctors offered more tailored, personal advice to patients and stopped prescribing large amounts of drugs to cover long periods of time.

But doctors say patient demands make it hard to make such changes.

Ash Soni, vice-chair of the English pharmacy board of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, says patients should be more sensible in their attitude to what they need.

“Have a better discussion with your doctor about your medicines,” he says. “We can do something about when patients simply haven’t taken the drugs and they’ve continued to be prescribed, or they’re just not appropriate”.

Nationally £300m of drugs are thrown away say government health chiefs.