Grandma caught stealing clothes

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A GRANDMOTHER was caught stealing £124 worth of clothing from a town centre store.

Catherine Keane, 41, took a number of items into the fitting room at Monsoon on the afternoon of September 13 before emerging 10 minutes later with two of the items hidden in her handbag.

The stolen items were immediately recovered when she was stopped just outside the shop.

In interview, Keane, of New Fort Way, Bootle, admitted the offence and apologised.

And, despite possessing a lengthy offending record, Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard that the grandmother-of-one had not troubled the courts since January 2010.

Louise Barrow, defending, accepted that temptation had got the better of her client, but told of the strides Keane had made in recent years to turn her life around.

She told how her client had been battling a long-running heroin and crack cocaine addiction since 2009 - with considerable success.

Magistrates handed Keane a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered her to pay £85 costs.