Granny lashed out while holding toddler

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A WIGAN grandma who punched her son’s ex-partner while she was holding her two-year-old son was given a community order.

Wendy Poole, from Hindley Green, lashed out at Rebecca Scott, landing as many as 10 blows to her face and the side of her head, on July 19.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard Poole, 38, had been confronted by Ms Scott while she was visiting a friend living near her house in Platt Bridge, after the two had previously quarrelled over Poole being allowed to see her grandson.

Although accounts of whether the attack had been provoked or not differed, Poole admitted in her statement that “she saw red” and hit Ms Scott several times, and pleaded guilty to common assault in court.

The justices gave her a six-month community order requiring her to attend the Wigan Women’s Project.

The court heard Poole, who wore a grey suit in court and wiped away tears at several points during the proceedings, landed the first couple of punches while Ms Scott was still holding her son in her arms, but a friend managed to get the child out of her grasp to safety.

The assault then continued, with more punches being landed to the left side of Ms Scott’s face and hands, causing a large swelling underneath her left eye.

The court was also told that after being arrested Poole, of Atherton Road, flushed a copy of the Codes of Practice offered to every new detainee in police custody down the toilet in her cell, and also pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Mike Ardern, prosecuting, said Pthat oole had gone to Platt Bridge to see her grandson, but was told she could not see him and went to see a friend after an exchange of words.

Craig Parkinson, defending, said Poole had been the victim of a long period of provocation and her offence meant her ambition of working with children in care was likely to have been permanently dashed.

Mr Parkinson said: “She is at college two days a week working for further qualifications, and the nature of the conviction means her ambition will probably never happen.

“She has also already been punished through not seeing her grandson, and feels a great sense of shame for what happened and her childish behaviour.”

In addition to her community order Poole was ordered to pay £50 in compensation to Ms Scott, £10 to Greater Manchester Police and £85 in costs, to be deducted from her Jobseekers’ Allowance.