Grieving couple’s gift to parents of stillborn babies

Debbie Horrocks and her partner Warren Naylor
Debbie Horrocks and her partner Warren Naylor
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DEVASTATED Wigan parents have pledged to raise money for a special cause after experiencing the heartbreak of losing a child.

Debbie Horrocks and partner Warren Naylor have begun raising funds for the national charity 4louis, which helps parents bereaved by stillbirth or neonatal death.

Little Oscar Frank Naylor

Little Oscar Frank Naylor

And that is because the Hindley couple’s beautiful baby Oscar was stillborn on the evening of October 31.

Debbie, 34, said: “The pain of it is so difficult to put into words. I gave birth to Oscar Frank Naylor weighing 4lb 9oz. Unfortunately Oscar Frank was born asleep due to me having pre-eclampsia a condition that came on suddenly causing my blood pressure to raise and the placenta erupting cutting off oxygen to Oscar.

“I went to Bolton Hospital to get checked out as I didn’t feel Oscar move that morning and this was very unusual, when arriving at the hospital they scanned to tell me Oscar had passed away. They induced me and I gave birth to beautiful Oscar at 9.18pm.”

After the tragedy Debbie, who has two other children - Demi Leigh, 13, and 10-year-old Joshua - from a previous relationship, and Warren were given a memory box full of wonderful keepsakes by the hospital’s midwife.

The pain of it is so difficult to put into words

Debbie Horrocks

She said: “The hospital staff from start to finish were absolutely amazing and without them these last two weeks would have been so much harder. The night we had Oscar our midwife gave us a memory box full of wonderful keepsakes, we sat and took a lock of hair from Oscar, handprints, footprints and a clay print of his hand for us to keep forever. Without this box we wouldn’t have had the chance to get these memories together.

“This is why we decided to raise money for 4louis who donate these boxes free of charge to all hospitals in the UK to help families like mine to get the precious memories to keep. We decided to set up a just giving page to this charity so we can help other families get the precious memories they deserve of their sleeping Angels.”

The couple have already raised more than £1,280. Debbie added: “We didn’t expect the donations to come flooding in like they have and the people of Westhoughton not just family and friends have been so generous. We know that 4louis don’t just supply boxes they supply Moses baskets and lots of other equipment to bereaved families and are currently trying to raise £20,000 for a family room at their local hospital for families like us to stay in when spending what little time they have with their Angels.”

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