Hailstones the size of marbles and lightning knocking out electricity? It must be June ...

Lightning over the skies of Springfield. Pic sent in by Paul Street
Lightning over the skies of Springfield. Pic sent in by Paul Street

AN electrical storm brought hail the size of marbles and lightning which blasted holes in the roof of a house to Wigan on Tuesday evening.

The roof of a detached house on the corner of Derbyshire Road and Aldwyn Close, in Winstanley, was blasted by lightning, leaving a hole around two square metres.

The owner of the four-bedroomed home was in with his partner and two children when crews attended, but no one was hurt.

There was evidence of burning to the roof trusses and fabric felt underneath the roof tiles, but the damage was confined to the roof space and the fire was out on the crews’ arrival.

Firefighters from Hindley and a Wigan stand-by crew from Bolton attended.

Crew manager Craig Cubbins said: “They have been quite lucky as the damage is very limited, although the electrics have been affected as the lightning made its way through the cables.”

Residents today spoke of their ordeal after the storm blew out the electrics on a number of properties. Kathryn Smith, 42, said: “The whole house shook – it was frightening.

“Our phone socket and internal sockets were blown. I am just glad no one got hurt.”

Sandra Morris, 60, was babysitting her young granddaughter when the storm hit the street.

She said: “We saw sparks in the plugs – it was quite frightening really.

Rachel Dickinson, 40, said: “The lightning went straight across the sky. It blew our BT phone point and blew sparks.”

On the Wigan Today Facebook page, readers told of their experiences.

Elaine Parsonage wrote: “No TV, landline or internet overnight. Still no TV.

“It felt like I was storm chasing as I drove from Orrell to Ince last night. The cloud, thunder and lightening seemed to follow us.”

And Paul Street sent us some brilliant images of lightning bolts in the sky over Springfield.