Hammer and axe gang jailed for 22 years

Crime story
Crime story

FOUR men who launched a terrifying axe and hammer robbery on Astley Co-op have been jailed for a total of 22 years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Daniel Dickinson and Kade Cole threatened staff and customers and broke into a safe and fled with cash and a four pack of cider.

They and lookout Dean McDonough leapt into a waiting car driven by 18-year-old Adam Doyle, whose mum had unwittingly allowed him use of the vehicle.

Minutes later police spotted the gang throw two cans out of the window.

They radioed for help and the car was stopped.

The court heard that £1,095 was found along with two balaclavas, a pair of leggings that had been made into a mask and a can of cider.

Cole, 22, of Moorland Drive, Little Hulton; Dickinson, 27, and McDonough, both of no fixed address; and Doyle, of Central Avenue, Worsley, all pleaded guilty to robbery.

Doyle received four years and four months with eight months consecutive for an earlier wounding and his co-accused each received five years eight months.