Handbag muggers locked up

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A COUPLE who tried to snatch a handbag from a woman in Wigan town centre have both been put behind bars.

The victim, Patricia Bridge, was set upon in Market Place, Wigan, after she withdrew £40 from a cash machine while on a night out on November 13 last year.

Lynn Woosey and Daniel Marsh, who had been sitting on a nearby bench, walked over to her and Woosey pretended to want to know the time.

But Ms Bridge was suspicious and suggested they look at the nearby clock, said Edmund Haygarth, prosecuting.

“Woosey made a grab at her handbag and there was a struggle and the two women went to the ground and there was quite a struggle and tussle between them,” he said.

“Some of the contents of her handbag scattered on the ground but she was able to keep hold of her money.

“At this point when it was obvious the robbery was not going to be a success Marsh stepped in as part of a pre-conceived plan and took hold of Patricia Bridge’s arm.”

Several “robust” members of the public, including the victim’s friend, who had not been initially present, ran over to help the victim.

The defendants remained at the scene until the police arrived and meanwhile the victim and her friend “made their displeasure felt,” said Mr Haygarth.

When interviewed by police the couple denied the offence. The victim suffered bruising to the top of her arm, he added.

Marsh, 29, of Kingfisher Court, Sillitoe Drive, Gidlow, and Woosey, 39, of no fixed address but formerly of the same address, both pleaded guilty to attempted robbery.

Woosey was jailed for 16 months and Marsh received 14 months.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that they both have previous convictions.

Defence barrister Paul Treble, said that Marsh, who has a drug habit, had been “physically attacked quite strongly” by the victim.

He has now spent the equivalent of seven months in prison and hopes to work as a forklift truck driver when he is released.

Kevin Liston, defending, said that Woosey was “shocked, ashamed and disgusted” by her behaviour, which followed her drinking a large amount of alcohol.