Harassment case dad’s fury

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News story

A WIGAN man cleared of breaching a restraining order has spoken of his torment over allegations of harassment.

Peter Greenall, of Broomfield Terrace, Ince, was found not guilty of the contravention during a trial, conducted by Judge Mark Brown, at Liverpool Crown Court last week.

The 48-year-old was accused of posting messages on Facebook last October and November which he was prohibited from doing by a restraining order imposed by Wigan magistrates on May 17 2013.

The order was made following his conviction for harassing a man because he believed he was responsible for a criminal offence against his son.

But he has strenuously denied any further wrongdoing since then and says he has not sent any online messages in the wake of the restraining order’s imposition.

As prosecution did not provide enough evidence against Mr Greenall, Judge Brown referred it back to the magistrates’ court where it was heard by a district judge.

He found Mr Greenall not guilty, but the restraining order remains in place.

Speaking after the trial, the father-of-two, who is a team leader at Hitchen Foods, said: “I feel elated because now I have been acquitted I feel that justice has been done.But my problems are far from over. I feel victimised myself as people are saying all sorts about me. I am worried about who will come knocking at my door. I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel I have been taken seriously, with the police telling me I just need to move on in my life, but it is not that easy,

“My mental health has been shattered for the last six months because of these accusations, so much so that I have considered committing suicide. My life has been hell and I have lost my family too, but now I have proved myself innocent. I chose to represent myself at court because I knew I was innocent and hadn’t breached my restraining order.”

The complaint about the man accused of committing a crime against Mr Greenall’s son was never taken to court.