Harry's special note from Buckingham Palace

A three-year-old boy certainly made an impression on the Queen as she celebrated her 90th birthday.

Saturday, 23rd July 2016, 11:00 am
Ruby Thomas, 8, and brother Harry, 3

Harry Thomas, from Winstanley, sent a handmade card to Her Majesty, joining people around the world in congratulating her on the milestone.

And he has now received a personal reply - a letter and a card sent on behalf of the Queen by her lady-in-waiting.

As well as thanking Harry for the card, the letter wishes him a happy birthday, as he turned three in April.

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Harry’s mum Nicola said: “It was lovely because it was personalised.”

Mrs Thomas, an art teacher at a high school in Manchester, suggested that Harry and his sister Ruby, eight, made cards on a rainy day in the school holidays.

She said: “Harry had drawn a picture of a crown and coloured it in and stuck little gems on it.

“I took pictures of it but it wasn’t great so I deleted it.”

Both of their cards were sent to the Queen, though Ruby has not yet received a reply.

However, she has previously received correspondence from Buckingham Palace as she contacted the Queen for her diamond jubilee.

Mrs Thomas, 36, said: “I keep saying there’s time still, but she has had a letter previously so she’s okay with that.”

The family has some connections to the Royal Family - Mrs Thomas was married the day before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Harry was born in the same year as Prince George.

And the special letter and card will be kept for years to come.

Mrs Thomas said: “The letter is sitting at home on the fireplace but we will keep it in a special memory box in a safe place.”