Hazard alert as thoughtless drivers block school path

A car parked on a crossing next to Westfield Community School
A car parked on a crossing next to Westfield Community School

A CALL has been made for parents to consider pedestrians when they pick their children up from school.

Norley councillors Paul and Jeanette Prescott are concerned about drivers reversing and parking between Westfield Community School and ProCo in Montrose Avenue because it is blocking access to the pavement.

They have contacted Wigan Council’s highways and rights of way officers who are now to install two bollards there to prevent vehicles from stopping there.

Coun Paul Prescott said: “A few parents have complained to us about people driving around the roundabout opposite Hodder Close and are reversing into the gap between the fence of Westfield school and the Pro Co building.

“Pedestrians are finding it difficult to pass, especially with a pram or mobility scooter.

“We wanted to install a bollard there to stop people parking there whilst they pick up their child after school.

“That path is there for a reason and people should be able to walk across without having to squeeze through cars.

“We understand parking is an issue but, at the end of the day, people need to use the footpath, as it is a right of way.

“We are pleased the council is working with us to install two bollards, which will stop thoughtless people parking on the pavement.”

Coun Jeanette Prescott added: “It is dangerous. It would be awful if a child were to get knocked down.

“I can’t believe people are doing that. To go on a roundabout and back up the opposite way to ongoing traffic to go onto the footpath is illegal and poses a danger to pedestrians.”

A spokesman for the school said it had not received any official complaints and could not comment any further on the issue.

A spokesman for Wigan Council added that it was happy to work with Couns Paul and Jeanette Prescott on improving road safety measures.