Headteachers’ pay must not be more than PM

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News story

SCHOOL leaders should not be paid more than the Prime Minister, teachers said today as they warned of a need to “guard against the rot of greed”.

Some headteachers have decided to pay themselves “excessive salaries”, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) annual conference in Liverpool heard.

Previously, this would have been impossible, but changes to the system, which have seen many schools move out of local council control to become academies, means there is now less scrutiny, it was suggested.

Official figures show that hundreds of school leaders are earning six-figure salaries, with separate data indicating that dozens take home around the same as David Cameron.

Simon Clarkson, an ATL member, told delegates: “We need to guard against the rot of greed. Executive headteachers and headteachers looked at their budgets and I’m afraid some have decided to pay themselves excessive salaries.

“When schools were under local control it would have been unthinkable as well as impossible for the headteacher, of even a group of schools, to earn more than a director of education, let alone the secretary of state for education, let alone the Prime Minister.

“Let me remind you whose money is being used to do this. Ours. Let me remind you who this money should be spent on. The children and young people in our care. If large salaries are defensible, no-one should mind them being made public.”

Mr Clarkson called for the salaries of all senior leaders to be published.