Breastfeeding beyond the age of two: What are the benefits?

Mothers who choose to nurse for longer are often criticised - but is this fair? We speak to some key supporters about 'full-term' breastfeeding.
The plants are on sale in Asda until January.

Could pineapple plants be the cure for snoring nightmare?

It's an issue that has been causing couples to argue for generations. But now Asda have come up with a solution that could help those who are driven to distraction by their partner snoring.
Hygiene ratings

Hygiene ratings - latest results

Wigan’s food establishments have enjoyed a stand-out couple of months after a bumper crop of hygiene inspections turned up several high marks.
The mouldy curry sauce

Inspectors to investigate takeaway sauce 'mould'

A takeaway faces scrutiny from Wigan Council hygiene watchdogs after a customer complained about being served mould-topped curry sauce.

Listening to soothing ASMR sounds

What is ASMR and why is everyone obsessed with it?

A new relaxation phenomenon is sweeping the internet. Here, we unpick the science behind these viral sounds and visuals.
Chronic fatigue

Borough hospital's role in medical breakthrough

Experts are hailing a major breakthrough in the diagnosis of an exhausting medical condition - and Wigan has played a key role.
The NHS aims to admit or discharge 95% of patients within four hours

Hospitals face predicted worst-ever A&E waiting times this winter

Hospitals could see the worst ever performance for A&E waiting times this winter, a think tank has warned.
The Bridgewater Trust HQ in Smithy Brook Road

Health trust is told to improve on £19m deal

An under-fire health trust in Wigan has been issued with a performance notice over a £19million frontline contract for a neighbouring authority.

Hospital patients details not sent on to their GPs

Hospital's 3,000 'lost' letters blunder

Wigan hospital chiefs are carrying out an urgent review after the failure to send out 3,000 discharge letters to GPs - with potentially dangerous consequences.

How is your eyesight?

Motorists’ eyesight ‘should be retested’ every 10 years

Motorists should face compulsory sight tests every 10 years to stay on the road, leading eye experts have said.

3,300 people have been diagnosed with heart failure in the borough

Wiganers are the most at risk of heart failures

Wiganers are the most at risk of heart failure in the region, a damning health report has revealed.

Six-month-old Iris Day who died while awaiting a potentially lifesaving heart operation

Baby died after heart operation delayed, inquest told

A six-month-old baby died while awaiting a potentially lifesaving heart operation that had been delayed, an inquest has heard.

Have you bought these nuts?

Aldi recalls nuts over allergy fears

Aldi has recalled its Clancy’s Barbecue Flavour Coated Peanuts because they contain cashew nuts, which are undeclared on the label.
Eating Out
Yescica Livesey

Former dancer takes over podiatry clinic

As a former professional dancer, Cuban-born Yescica Livesey knows all about taking good care of your feet.
Cups of chamomile tea

5 holistic and gentle ways to help you get a better night's sleep

Having trouble dozing off but don't want to reach for sleeping pills? Try these more natural methods instead.

Siblings fighting can drive parents mad

Ask an expert: How do I stop my young children fighting with each other?

Siblings fighting can drive parents mad. However, as a psychologist explains, tackling it from a fresh angle can make a big difference.

Make sure you brush ALL your teeth!

Millions of Brits are only cleaning three quarters of their teeth

Millions of Brits are only cleaning three quarters of their teeth, a study has found.

HPV is thought to cause nearly all cervical cancers

Number of cervical screenings needed in lifetime slashed by HPV jab, study says

Women who have been given the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine may only need three cervical screenings in their lifetime, a study has said.

Concerns raised

Whistleblower’s fears over unit’s replacement

Concerns about the facilities being used to replace a borough neurological rehab service have been raised by a whistleblower.

Chicken Delight, on Platt Lane in Hindley, was visited by environmental health officers after a complaint was made

20,000kg of chicken to be incinerated

Around 20,000kg of chicken will be destroyed after a business premises in the borough was raided by environmental health officers.

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