Health chiefs back ‘rotten’ campaign

News story
News story

WIGAN health chiefs have backed a hard-hitting new campaign to stamp out smoking.

The series of adverts, launched this week by Public Health England (PHE), is set to highlight how smoking rots the body from the inside.

They will show a roll-up cigarette full of decaying tissue, while an online viral ad will see a dad casually rolling up a cigarette formed of rotting human flesh.

Linda Scott, Associate Director at NHS Wigan Borough CCG said: “We fully support the new stop smoking campaign from our Public Health colleagues.

“While many smokers know the damage cigarettes do to their hearts and lungs, they are much less likely to be aware of how harmful smoking is to the body – essentially ‘rotting’ it from the inside out, and roll-ups are no exception.

“Whilst roll-ups can appear cheaper, the cost to health of smoking roll-ups is just as high and they should never be seen as a healthier option to manufactured cigarettes.

“A great New Year resolution is to stop smoking because it makes you and your family healthier and saves you lots of cash.

“Help is available from your local pharmacy as most pharmacists are trained to give stop smoking advice and support and can provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy and other stop smoking medicines at prescription prices.

“Help to stop smoking is also available from your GP Practice and the Wigan Stop Smoking Service who have a professional team of stop smoking specialists who can offer local, friendly, non-judgemental, ongoing support for people who want help to stop smoking.

“Stopping smoking in January will be a great start to 2015 for your health, your family and your pocket.”

The campaign comes following the publication of an expert review into the multiple impacts that toxic ingredients in cigarettes can have on your body.

It also tackles common misconceptions around hand-rolled tobacco, or roll-ups.

This comes as figures show 49 per cent of roll-ups smokers wrongly believe they are less harmful than manufactured cigarettes.