Health report’s shock findings

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MEN in Wigan can only expect to live until they are 57 before developing a disability.

That is one of the shock findings of Wigan’s annual public health report, which also reveals that, while women will live two-and-a-half years longer disability-free, compared to their male counterparts, they will still live a significant part of their lives with disability.

That means that, based on average life expectancies in the borough, men will live nearly 19 years with a disability and women will live nearly 21.

The report, published each year by Dr Kate Ardern, director of public health in Wigan, looks at a host of physical and mental health problems.

Another shocking finding showed that residents of Wigan South – Kitt Green, Marsh Green, Worsley Hall, Worsley Mesnes and Hawkley Hall – can expect to live seven years less than those living in Orrell.

The report says: “As champions of health and wellbeing for the people of the borough, we should not accept that illness is inevitable and that so many years of life should be diminished by disability.”