Free parking permits futile at hospital site

Wigan Infirmary car park
Wigan Infirmary car park
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Angry permit holders at Wigan Infirmary are still having to spend hundreds of pounds on parking due to a lack of spaces on site.

Regular patients and visitors to the hospital site on Wigan Lane have criticised Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust (WWL) for failing to provide enough space for people with free parking permits.

Dismayed motorists have taken to social media to vent their annoyance about the situation, which is reportedly causing regular visitors to spend hundreds on nearby car parks.

Bev Molly, a patient, said: “I’ve been going four times a day for over a week now and spent over £100 on tickets even though I have an exemption card as I’ve had to park off grounds. Money is going into new arcade shopping centres but not on things we actually need.”

The comment generated a debate among Wiganers, with many agreeing with Ms Molly’s statement. One woman added: “It’s a nightmare, my daughter was in labour, I couldn’t find a space, I had to drop her off at the entrance. Freckleton was full, so was the pub car park. I ended up plonking my car on Tesco and walked up."

A spokesperson for WWL said: “The trust would like to remind people that an off-site car park is available at Freckleton Street, 200m away from the infirmary site, that is used by visitors and patients every day.

"WWL does make accommodations for any visitors to the site who have been coming to see relatives or loved ones for more than two weeks by way of a free parking permit. These can be obtained by speaking to the relevant ward manager.

“The Trust is aware of the frustration felt by visitors to the RAEI site and is making moves to address the situation with regards to available car parking.”