High death rates show sex divide

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WIGAN has the second highest death rate across the whole of Greater Manchester, a new report has revealed.

The figures, based on 2010 registrations of death, show that 3,014 people died in the borough, only marginally behind Manchester, which had 3,707 deaths, despite there being a vast difference in the populations.

Wigan’s population stands at around 330,000, while Manchester’s is nearly 500,000.

The total numbers of deaths in the borough - not taking into account the population figures - left it in ninth position out of the 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester.

Of those deaths, detailed in the Office for National Statistics’ report, just 66 more females died than males, although when broken down by age there is a number of stark differences between the sexes. For example, in the age bracket 25-34 nearly four times more men died than women, just six women were recorded compared to 22 men.

This trend continued into the closely linked age categories.

There were nearly double the number of male deaths to female deaths in the 35-44 bracket and more than four times as many in the 15-24 category.

Some of those were down to suicides among young males and earlier this year a new task force, The Prevention of Suicide Alliance, was launched in the borough in a move aimed at addressing the issue of the relatively high death rate in males under the age of 35 from suicide.

In 2010, 24 suicides were recorded within the borough.

The recorded deaths across the sexes were equal up to the age of 14, except in infants under the age of one, in which category there were nine female deaths and five male deaths.

But the biggest difference between the sexes does not come until much later in life, the report reveals.

In the 85 and over bracket 582 women died - more than double the number of men, which stands at 284.

However, this is most likely down to the life expectancy in women being higher than men, meaning that more women are dying at an older age.

In Wigan the average male life expectancy is 75.1 years and female life expectancy is 79.4 years.

But both of those are some way below the national average life expectancy is 78 for men and 82 for women.