Manflu cure is answer to your sniffles

Sales of Manflu - Hot or Shot are soaring. Nat G
Sales of Manflu - Hot or Shot are soaring. Nat G

IT’S an illness we’ve all come across - Manflu.

It’s much worse than any ailment any woman ever suffers - and lasts twice as long.

But now help is on hand with a new product on local shelves specifically targetted at this age-old problem.

But do man really need their own medication to beat this illness?

A natural lemon, lime and honey concoction, the ‘booster shot’ contains a massive 1,250 per cent of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C, plus echinachea and zinc to supplement a man’s needs and keep man-flu at bay.

We asked for your views on the new product and whether man-flu really does exist.

Lucy Long, 16, from Beech Hill said: “Manflu does not exist, it’s just a cold - not even that.

“It’s a load of rubbish so this new product is a bit daft.”

Ollie Pancoust, 22 from Manchester disagrees.

He said: “I think this a great idea and I will definitely be buying some of it.

“I was actually suffering with Manflu a couple of weeks ago so I could do with some of this.

“It’s great for us men as we do like a whinge when we get ill so this would provide some comfort.”

Jonathan Evans, founder of Manflu Ltd, said: “When men are feeling miserable and in need of a boost, they deserve the best.

“Before now, taste and convenience have been secondary.

“We decided to create our own unique dual function drink Manflu Hot or Shot, the ultimate in soothing and comfort.

“It is the 21st century version of granny’s secret recipe.”

The 60ml supplement can be downed in one or be added to hot water for a soothing drink.

Kayleigh Ashcroft, 17, from Goose Green said: “This is all a bit silly, I don’t think many men would buy it. It seems like a bit of a joke.”

David Dempsey, 40, from Ince said: “I would give this a try, man-flu definitely exists so it’s good that something has been made to help soothe it.”

Sooriya Sampat, 16, from Standish added: “This new product seems pretty cool.

“It has a catchy name but it all depends what it tastes like.”

While George Cahill, 17, also from Standish said: “It just seems like a bit of a gimmick to me, I’ve never had Manflu so won’t need this.”

The product which has divided opinions across the borough contains just seven calories per bottle and is free from medicines and caffeine.