Maximum gains in record time

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Our fitness column with the Colonel from Xercise4Less...

Q)Amy Parker, 19, from Wigan asks: I always find it’s a struggle to fit in exercise around my busy work life, but am not afraid to work hard to achieve my fitness goals. A friend suggested metabolic resistance training could be just for me. What is this, and how might it help me?

A)Xercise4Less Fitness Guru, The Colonel, gives his thoughts: Metabolic Resistance Training isn’t for the faint hearted, but it will give you maximum benefits in record time. Similar to the concept of Circuit Training, it involves blocks of often simple, but high intensity exercises off minimal rest, to maximize calories burned, and boost that metabolism not only during, but after exercise. As a result, it is one of the most effective techniques for burning fat, building muscle and improving overall body fitness. As a very versatile method of training, you can mix things up with weights or whatever you might like, so it really can be tailored to suit your ability level and fitness goals. With plenty of exercise routines out there that take as little time as 25 minutes or even less, it’s time to dust of those work clothes, get down to work and beat dinner to the table. What’s more, your metabolism will get to work on it right away, to give you that toned physique you’ve always wished for!