Tips to achieve your goals

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Fitness guru The Colonel from the Xercise4less gym gives his latest tips...

With the new year comes fitness resolutions but sadly, come March, the majority of the ‘New Year’s rush’ have abandoned these goals.

They make excuses like Easter, work do, birthdays, holidays, Christmas – that’s right before you know it, its January again.

But don’t fear, with these three simple tips you increase your chances for long-term success.

1 – Preparation

Make sure you’re both physically and mentally committed to start your programme fresh. Inform your doctor you’d like to make a lifestyle change involving fitness.

It is important that you’re healthy enough to start, ask yourself and remain truthful: ‘Am I going to stick to this exercise routine once I begin?’

Whilst there are many factors to take into account, here are three that will help you succeed in your long-term goals.

l Confidence in your abilities

l Lots of encouragement and support from loved ones

l Make it fun

2 – Create a plan

It’s vital to have a structure in order to succeed. What days will I train? Pick days which are convenient with your schedule.

What type of exercise? It doesn’t matter what Body-building Brian, Cross-fit Chris or High-intensity Helen are doing – pick something that you enjoy, it will become a chore otherwise and you will be sure to give it up.

If you are unsure of what your passions are, this is a great opportunity to try out gym classes such as spin, body-pump, circuits or get a personal trainer as a guide on your journey to the top.

3 – Be Realistic: HAVE SMART goal

When setting out on a new fitness and lifestyle programme, it’s important your goals are :

l Specific

l Measurable

l Agreed upon

l Realistic

l Time-based

These goals will clarify your end vision, drive you forward, initiate self-discipline, remind you of priorities, train you to manage time and give you fulfilment.