Wigan Council's work-out plan for over 55s

People are being encouraged to be more active
People are being encouraged to be more active

Wigan Council has teamed up with a training provider to get over-55s to lead more active lifestyles.

Around 20 sheltered schemes across the borough are involved in the Oomph! scheme, which features regular exercise sessions aimed at both residents and staff.

Strength, flexibility and co-ordination are all put to the test in the training, and lesser-known sports including volleyball, weightlifting and boccia are featured as part of the effort.

The aim is to use the nature of these sports to make them accessible for people with a variety of needs and abilities, while retaining a fun, gameplay feel.

One course attendee said: “I fully enjoyed the scheme from start to finish!”

Coun Keith Cunliffe from Wigan Council said: “It’s easy to think when you hit a certain age that your only interaction with sport is as a spectator but age should never be a barrier to getting involved.

“We have a rich heritage of being a sporting borough and it is great that we can offer everyone the chance to be active and try something different.

“Not only does it help to keep people healthier but it is also a great way to break down the potential problems of social isolation by harnessing people’s passion for sport.

“We’re delighted to be working with Oomph! on this new project and we look forward to encouraging people to get involved in activities no matter how old they are.”

Ben Allen, CEO at Oomph! said: “Oomph! are delighted to be working with the Wigan Council team. It is a privilege to be a key partner and support their wellbeing initiatives.

“We are excited to be adding additional fun and engagement to exercise sessions, and look forward to working together over the coming months!”

The partnership is part of a Sport England subsidised programme aimed at getting over-55s from inactive to active within two years.