Wiganers beware! The most miserable day of the year is upon us

A miserable day in store!
A miserable day in store!

Wiganers have been urged to brace themselves because their most miserable day of the year falls tomorrow!

Weather stats taken from the last 30 years pinpoint on which day each part of the UK is forecast to experience the coldest temperatures and the darkest days and Wigan’s is due on January 15.

Outdoor heating specialist Glowing Embers combed through decades of winter weather data to find out on which dates we can expect the lowest temperatures and least amount of solar energy – that is – the grimmest day of the year; so we can hibernate next to a warm heater or fire.

While Blue Monday (the third Monday in January, this year falling on January 21) is often considered the most depressing day of the year, Glowing Embers’ research discovered that this year the UK can expect to have had its coldest day on January 6 (4.6°C); the darkest day on Christmas Day (0.5kWh); and therefore the most miserable day of the year on January 15 (based on an average of the coldest and darkest day.

But different parts of the UK will experience their most miserable days on separate dates. Scotland, for example, have already got their most miserable day out of the way, as it fell on December 27 last year.

North Westerners can expect their most miserable day tomorrow.

Regionally the coldest temperature of the year falls on the February 5 (5.5°C), and the darkest day based on solar energy was on Boxing Day (0.5kWh).

Further down the country we go however, people will have to hold on that little bit longer for the inevitable day to arrive, as it’s not due to hit South West England until January 23.