Heartbreak as cats poisoned

Adele Finch with one of her cats
Adele Finch with one of her cats

TWO cats who died from organ failure within hours of each other may have been poisoned.

Adele Finch is desperate to find out what happened to three-year-old brothers Seb and Toto who were both taken ill and had to be put to sleep between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Both cats suffered organ failure and despite being rushed to the vet, nothing could be done to save them and Adele was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to put the half Bengal, half tabby cats to sleep.

Adele, of Harswell Close, Orrell, said: “I was at the gym and my sister Michelle was round at mine. She noticed that Toto was behind the couch and acting very lethargic.

“When I came home we took him to the vets and then up to Ormskirk because they have more of a hospital. They weren’t sure if he had been poisoned or if it was just organ failure so they put him on a drip but at about 9pm we had to put him to sleep.

“Then at about midnight that night, Seb came in from outside and he was showing the same symptoms so we took him to the vet as well.”

Adele was again forced to say goodbye to her pet after his condition deteriorated and Seb was put to sleep at about 5am Saturday morning.

“They must have been poisoned because there is no other explanation for two cats experiencing organ failure in the same night,” the 43-year-old said.

“The vets have done some tests but think it must be anti-freeze or rat poison. We don’t know if it has been put down deliberately but I have looked in the garden and the field behind and I can’t see anything.

“It must be out the back because that is where Seb and Toto went out whereas my other cat Miles only goes out the front and he is fine.

“It has been horrendous. Seb was having convulsions and foaming from the mouth when we went back to the vets.

“But the worst thing about it is not knowing what happened to them.”

Adele has asked for anyone who may know what happened to Seb and Toto to call her on 07590 060851