Helen's been slim in her own Rite for 20 years

By Natalie Walker

A HEALTHY eating expert from Wigan is celebrating 20 years of her slimming club.

Helen Barnes, 66, of Cedar Avenue, Standish, set up her healthy eating club with the aim of helping others pursue a healthy lifestyle.

At the age of 30, the mother-of-three weighed just over 22 stone and joined a slimming club, where she lost 13 stones.

Loving her new healthy image and the confidence she gained, she decided to help others lose weight and started working for the slimming club.

But after 16 years, she decided to set up her own dietary and healthy eating club in Wigan – Slimrite.

Helen organises weekly sessions at eight community and church halls across the borough, where she offers healthy eating guides, lectures and open discussions about healthy living.

She said: “We talk about different aspects of dieting and at this time of year every body is really motivated. We talk about different foods. Each week there are new foods on the market.

“We have discussions and lectures every week and motivate each other, with reasons why people want to lose weight, for example health and the way we look and feel.

“There are people of different ages and different sizes.”

Helen used dietary plans approved by a a doctor in Beech Hill.

She has a few female friends who regularly assist her in the sessions. And despite being 66, she has no intentions to stop.

She said: “I certainly enjoy it. I have met a lot of friends and met some very nice people and that’s what keeps me going.

“I do it because I think I can give something to people. I can help them, because I have felt what they feel.”

Slimrite has sessions in Wigan, Scholes, Beech Hill, Standish, Ashton, Pemberton, Hindley and Leigh.

For more information call Helen on 01257 426669.