Help us keep out these teeny yobs

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RESIDENTS who are living in fear following terror from yobs are campaigning for alleygates in a bid to stop rising incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Homeowners in Lamb Street, Whelley, say they have been plagued with gangs of youths causing disruption outside their homes, urinating, drinking alcohol and even using drugs,

And over the last few months, they have starting targeting property too – a shed has been broken into and a house in a nearby street was also targeted by burglars.

Ward councillor George Davies is now working with Wigan Council officers to make sure Lamb Street is high on the priority list for alleygates to be installed in the next financial year to keep the offenders out.

The alleygating programme itself is, however, one of the areas under review because of the Government’s public sector cuts.

He said: “We must protect the vulnerable, especially our elderly. The problem has escalated, with the gangs growing and the police know all about the problem.

“So I have asked the alleygating manager at the council to put the area high on the list.

“I am hopeful that alleygates could be put on the council’s list for the residents of Lamb Street for their protection.

“We need to make these gangs aware that we are watching them and we hope they keep away.”

Veronica Hughes, 66, who has lived in the street for more than 10 years, said: “We don’t feel safe because there are gangs who go up and down the two entrances.

“People use the backs of our homes as a toilet, they are drinking and last year there was lot of drug abuse and I am frightened of it happening again.

“We are even afraid to go to our bins – we feel isolated, as there is no-one overlooking us.

“We hope the council can provide us will alleygates, as it would deter the gangs, especially if they know the police are aware of their behaviour.

“It would reduce crime, reduce dog fouling and above all, make us feel a lot safer in our homes.”

Last month, the Evening Post reported that the Community Safety Partnership alleygating project was subject to review following the council’s spending cuts.

The alleygating programme is based on the areas that suffer the higher rates of burglary and anti-social behaviour.

All alleygates erected in the borough need to be registered with and approved by the council’s alleygate coordinator.