help us to stop this nuisance problem

RESIDENTS living in an estate in Orrell are demanding Wigan Council and the police unite to tackle nuisance behaviour.

More than 80 people living near Rivers Street have signed a petition asking the council, Wigan and Leigh Housing and Greater Manchester Police to do more to remove anti social behaviour.

Gangs of youths currently hang around drinking alcohol along the public footpath at the end of Edge Hall Road along the side of the M58 motorway.

People walking through feel intimated and are demanding something be done.

Residents have suggested security cameras, a fence which can be closed off at night or extra policing, but would like more help in deterring nuisance behaviour.

One woman, who does not wish to be named, said: “They congregate at the end of the street, drinking, drugs, graffiti – the normal things.

“A lot of the neighbours are too afraid to walk over the bridge. There are as many as 30 of them at one time.

“Neighbours are fed up with phoning the police. It is not considered important enough or they are busy elsewhere.

“A couple of PCSOs try their hardest but they are toothless tigers with no powers.

“The rubbish we find is incredible – it’s not very pleasant.”


Ward councillors Mike Winstanley and Richard Clayton have also been involved in tackling the problem.

Coun Winstanley said: “We are trying to help the residents in whatever way we can to find solutions and help alleviate problems people are experiencing.”

Inspector Peter Clarke of the Pemberton Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Last week we had an increase in the number of reports of anti-social behaviour, and we are now ensuring that regular patrols are carried out in the area to help prevent further incidents and to reassure the public.”

A spokesman for Wigan Council said: “Reports of anti-social Behaviour are taken very seriously, we would encourage residents to report any issues to the contact centre on 01942 404364.

“A neighbourhood officer working with Greater Manchester Police will investigate any reports.

“We would also urge people to get in touch with councillors to talk through your issues.

“It may be useful for residents to keep a diary of incidents including the date and their nature.

“Residents could also consider a scheme such as Home Watch that helps them get together and increase familiarity in an area.

“People who are experiencing problems with nuisance neighbours might want to visit the Problem Neighbours website –”