hero dog saved my life

PHILIP DEAN owes his life to his remarkable dog.

The former Wiganer suffered a heart attack in his Spanish villa near Benidorm.

With his partner and stepdaughter away shopping, it was left to his two- year-old pet Kaiser to raise the alarm.

The dog knew exactly what he had to do.

Black labrador Kaiser ran from former shopfitter Philip, who was unconscious, to his next door neighbour’s house in the Spanish village of Albir.

His loud barking alerted Mr Dean’s pal who called an ambulance.

Mr Dean, 42, who is currently living in Gidlow after returning from Spain, was admitted to the district hospital and spent a week in intensive care.

He ended up having three tubes inserted after doctors found blocked arteries.

Now, after an agonising six months quarantine separation, Philip has now been reunited with his pet.

One of the first things he did was take Kaiser to Wigan’s Anrich Veterinary Hospital for a check-up, vaccinations and a bag of canine sweet treats.

Mr Dean, who had to give up work early because of a serious accident, had lived in Spain for seven years.

But he says he may now stay in Wigan after the health scare.

He said: “Kaiser definitely saved my life, there’s no doubt about that.

“If he hadn’t attracted my neighbour’s attention and I hadn’t got to hospital when I did, I would have been dead.

“To be honest, I don’t remember a lot about what happened.

“I remember I just started sweating, then feeling dizzy then I hit the floor.

“It was John my neighbour who later told me how he had come to find me like that, out of it and gasping for breath.

“Kaiser started running from me and then out into the garden and jumping at the fence between our two gardens, barking like mad, whining and crying, before running back.


“John said he was leading him to me.

“Somehow he knew I was in real trouble and needed help, he must have been able to sense it.

“Every time I see him I know he is special and is the reason I am here today.

“So he doesn’t have to beg too hard for an extra sausage at breakfast.

“In fact, I spoil him rotten and I reckon he fully deserves it.

“He’s a real hero.”

Vet Dr Shams Mir is full of admiration for Kaiser and the loyalty and intelligence he showed. He said: “Dogs not only contribute immensely to human welfare but also at times to our survival.

“Kaiser’s role in helping save his owner’s life is a glorious example of a dog’s loyalty and imagination.

“I feel privileged to know Kaiser and the owner, Mr Dean, has world’s best reasons to call him a hero.

“I think we owe more to our canine friends than we can ever give them in return.”