Home comes under fire over OAP stay

Alexandra Court, Howard Street, Pemberton
Alexandra Court, Howard Street, Pemberton

A PENSIONER has blasted a Wigan care home, claiming he received poor treatment.

Former Wigan and Leigh College English teacher William Burton, of Swinley, said that during his nine-day stay at Alexandra Court in Pemberton he was kept awake by noisy staff; was refused a phone call from his niece; didn’t see the residential doctor and his requests for privacy during bathtime were ignored.

The home has declined to comment publicly on the allegations saying that it is currently handling Mr Burton’s complaint.

The 84-year-old who had been transferred from Manchester Royal Infirmary for rehabilitation at the care home, said: “I left a message for the doctor, who visits daily, as I needed advice.

“During my nine days, I never managed to speak to him. I have other complaints, as I experienced a prolonged disturbance after 10pm by two female carers who came on duty, keeping myself and other patients awake.

“Another day I informed a male carer I was taking a bath. He ran it for me and insisted on remaining in the room, even though I didn’t need any assistance.

“He then ignored my demand not to pour water over my head, as I didn’t want my hair wet as it is quite long and difficult to dry.

“I spent the next 90 minutes trying to dry my hair with paper towels but still went to bed with damp hair.

“The day before that my niece, Susan Burton, rang the office, wishing to speak to me. She had promised to visit me, but had caught a cold and didn’t want to pass on any germs. But permission was refused.

“The person who took the call did not even have the courtesy to advise me of her call, causing me unnecessary distress.

“I have written a letter of complaint but after two weeks, I have not heard anything.

“These are serious concerns.

“Many residents are frail and infirm and may not be as articulate or have the bravery to speak out, so I feel I should do so on their behalf also.

“I feel they are taking advantage.”

Judith Melling, manager at Alexandra Court, said that she could not comment specifically on the case but the complaints procedure has been explained to Mr Burton and he should expect a response within 28 days.

She added social services have been informed and the matter is going through the official complaints procedure.