Homes plan to be rejected

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PLANNERS are expected to throw out plans for another 130 homes in Standish, saying it exceeds the numbers set out in the Core Strategy.

Wigan Council’s planning committee has been recommended to refuse permission for Jones Homes Fylde to build 130 new properties on land near Chorley Road.

The committee is expected to turn down the proposal as permission has recently been granted or will be granted for 1,042 new homes in Standish, which meets the requirement set out in the Core Strategy for approximately 1,000 new homes in the area.

The proposals have met with wide opposition in the area, with 41 letters of objection being sent to the town hall and Standish Independent councillor for Standish ward Debbie Fairhurst also opposing the development.

The report submitted to the planning committee has also identified numerous other problems with the Chorley Road housing plans, including issues with local ecology, the provision of adequate sports and leisure facilities, flood risk and alterations to the landscape.

Residents objecting to the new homes also raised concerns about the impact of new housebuilding on the environment as well as increased traffic congestion, road safety in Standish, drainage infrastructure and the lack of transport facilities for an increased population.

The report says the planning applications which have been approved by the council’s committee broadly line up with the recommendations of the infrastructure assessment for Standish, with work split between the two sides of the town centre. The report states: “The policy figure of accommodating ‘approximately 1000’ dwellings within the Standish Broad Location has now been reached and it is not considered that any special circumstances exist to justify departing from this policy.”