Hopes to improve street flower beds

Hopes are high that a street's neglected open areas will finally be made to bloom following a meeting between residents and Wigan Council.

Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, 10:15 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, 11:19 am
Councillor Mike Dewhurst and Coun Shirley Dewhurst are trying to sort out the overgrown planted areas at the end of Eleanor Street, Wigan, as residents have complained about it looking a mess

Officers from the town hall visited Eleanor Street to speak to neighbours and ward councillors to spruce up the road’s green spaces.

Overgrown patches of weeds will now be cleared and fresh shrubs planted and the area at the front of the display will be seeded to create a lawn.

Residents had recently complained to Wigan Council that the area was simply a neglected mess rather than the attractive floral displays that had been promised.

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Douglas elected representatives Couns Mike and Shirley Dewhurst said they were hopeful the meeting has now agreed a long-term solution to keeping the area looking attractive and said they would ensure the council does the work required.

Coun Mike Dewhurst said: “It’s all very positive. They are going to lawn the front area and put fresh shrubs in and they will then consult the residents to see if they are happy with the way it is going.

“There’s an area that needs to be cleared and us three ward councillors are going to work with some volunteers to do that so it can be grassed.

“What people are concerned about is that if things are going to be done they need to be properly looked after, so we will be keeping an eye on it.

“We’re also considering getting a bench so there’s somewhere nice to sit, but we haven’t run that past the residents yet.”

The area was originally supposed to be landscaped but Wigan Council acknowledged the planting schemes had not established as well as had been hoped, leaving large expanses of flowerbeds to become overrun with weeds.

Coun Dewhurst says he hopes work to beautify the open spaces will also help get rid of a problem with fly tipping the street near Southgate is currently experiencing.

He said: “There have been quite a few problems with people dumping rubbish there. I guess people see an area which is a bit of a mess and think they can dump stuff there, so we’re getting that shifted.”

Wigan Council said it was pleased that the meeting was able to thrash out a way forward to improve the area.

Ian Sayer, service manager of greenspaces for the local authority, said: “We’re glad we are able to work with local residents and elected members to resolve this and work together going forward.

“The Deal is about both sides playing their part to make the borough a better place and it’s great to work with residents who want to help us achieve this.”