Horse row erupts into brawl

Tammy Miller from Atherton, is in a dispute with Slag Lane Farm
Tammy Miller from Atherton, is in a dispute with Slag Lane Farm

POLICE had to be called to a Wigan farm after a row over ownership of a horse escalated into a brawl involving a councillor.

Officers attended Slag Lane Farm, Leigh, when the disagreement over the animal and rent descended into violence.

A spokesman from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed that officers had to restrain Tammy Miller after she allegedly assaulted Coun James Grundy, whose mother, Sue, owns the farm, and others.

She in turn says she was hit in the face by the councillor with a riding crop although he has not been arrested.

Ms Miller was taken away in a police van after she became abusive and aggressive towards people at the farm.

But she says she had been there trying to claim back her rescue horse, Armani, which she claims had been “stolen”.

The 40-year-old said: “It was an argument over just a matter of about £60 or £100 which got ugly.

“The money issue was my failing to pay the rent but we had agreed my daughter would work to pay the owed money off.

“But it had been weeks and we were still unable to get access to the horse. So I decided to go and claim him back for myself.

“When I got there I realised the gate was double locked so I went the back way, taking one post out of the fence. I just wanted my horse back.

“The owner of the farm, Sue Grundy, saw me and came running over with her fists, so I pushed her and it just kicked off.”

Ms Miller claims she was hit by a horse whip three times during the September 10 brawl and people were on top of her before police were called and took her away in a van.

She added: “I was so distressed.”

Police have confirmed that Coun Grundy was forced to defend himself after customer Ms Miller came to retrieve the horse she believes is hers.

Coun Grundy did not wish to comment on the situation as police investigations are ongoing but said police records show the allegations by Ms Miller are untrue.

And he has previously said that the horse is now under the ownership of the farm after she signed it over when failing to pay more than £1,000 in rent.