Hospital hit-and-run

Pat Fenton with the car she was driving when she was crashed into by a van
Pat Fenton with the car she was driving when she was crashed into by a van
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A CANCER patient’s wife ended up in the same hospital after an horrific hit-and-run smash outside Wigan Infirmary.

Pat Fenton had just dropped off ailing husband Frank at the infirmary, when a speeding van ran a red light, ploughed into her car, shunted it along the road and then drove off without stopping.

Battered, bruised and shocked, the pensioner was left stranded in the middle of Wigan Lane until hospital security guards came to her aid and she was taken back inside to A&E.

Police have appealed for witnesses to the crash which happened at 11.30pm last Friday, near the Plantation Gates, and a £1,000 reward has been put forward by a local businessman friend of the couple for information leading to a conviction.

Mrs Fenton, 68, from Winstanley, said that the incident, which has left her in great pain, was the last thing she and Frank needed. Her husband, also 68, has been suffering from leukaemia for the last seven years, and after complaining of head pains had been referred to the hospital by his GP for a brain scan.

It was as she was coming out of the hospital grounds in her Skoda Octavia at the traffic lights with the intention of turning right towards home that the collision occurred.

A white van, believed to be a Renault, tore up Wigan Lane, through the red lights and crashed into the driver’s side of Pat’s car.

Instead of checking how she was, the driver shunted her car out the way and sped off towards the Cherry Gardens pub, leaving her and her written-off vehicle dangerously positioned in the middle of the road.

Pat said: “There was a split second between me seeing this white van and it hitting me. But then it just moved forward, shunted me out of the way and drove off without checking how I was.”

With the help of security staff at the hospital, her car was moved and put on the car park before shocked staff in the A&E department took her in.

She added: “They were quite shocked to see me back so soon. They said they thought I’d gone home! My back was really sore and I was very relieved when the X-rays showed no breaks or fractures.

“My husband and I must praise the hospital staff though as, once again, they were brilliant in looking after us.”

Unfortunately Mrs Fenton didn’t get any details of the van and didn’t get a look at the driver. But, such was the force of the impact, part of the van’s bumper was left at the scene, leading police to believe that it was a white Renault van involved, possibly even a minibus.

A close friend of the couple who owns a local business but wishes to remain anonymous is offering £1,000 as a reward to anybody who can offer any information that leads to a conviction, by calling 0560 224 0965.