Hospitals keeping operation waiting times low

Patients aren't waiting too long for operations
Patients aren't waiting too long for operations

WIGAN’s hospitals are performing better than other health trusts in the country, where many patients are experiencing hefty delays for operations.

As hospital waiting lists have hit a seven-year high nationally, with more than 6,000 patients forced to sit for a year for procedures, bosses at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh (WWL) NHS Foundation Trust insist its patients are not encountering unnecessary delays, with no-one waiting a year.

There are currently 4,454 patients who are poised for a procedure, with less than three per cent of those waiting more than 18 weeks. The longest time a patient has had to wait had been 42 weeks. In the last three months, from April to June, there have been a total of 405 patients whose procedures were cancelled on the day. Of these, 146 were cancelled by the patient.

A spokesman at WWL NHS Foundation Trust said: “Waiting a long time for operations or procedures can be frustrating and increase anxiety. We work hard to achieve excellent results against the national NHS standards and are currently maintaining low waiting and access times. Despite best laid plans and hard work, situations arise which lead to increased waiting times. Additionally, there are occasions when operations are delayed or postponed. The majority of these are when there are extreme bed pressures. However, we endeavour to guarantee any patient a new date within 28 days.”