Hotel chain projects prove borough is a top location

Wigan Warriors legend Jason Robinson officially opens the new Premier Inn, Wigan Town Centre
Wigan Warriors legend Jason Robinson officially opens the new Premier Inn, Wigan Town Centre
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WIGAN’S deputy council leader believes the recent influx of hotels to the borough proves just how much the town has to offer.

Recent figures show that the North West of England accounted for over 29 per cent of the total value of hotel, leisure and sport construction contracts in July for the UK, with major projects given the go-ahead.

The last year in Wigan has seen major developments with three hotels in Wigan with one, the Premier Inn at the old police station, opening this summer.

Others include the Tower Grand Complex just across the road while the Wigan Evening Post’s Martland Mill office will also house a Holiday Inn express.

“I think you’ve seen over the past 12 months or so the big hotel chains are interested in Wigan,” said Coun David Molyneux.

“The Premier Inn in the centre of town at the old police station is a classic example of what has been a very good uplift for Wigan.

“There’s a lot more interest, you’ve got Martland Mill where people are interested in and we’ve got other places also where some of the big boys are looking at to establish their name.

“Let’s not forget, there’s a lot on offer in Wigan.

“You’ve got to look at its geographical location, it’s a superb place for anyone wanting to spend some time in the North West.

“Wigan itself has a lot to offer with the transport links with the major cities Manchester, Liverpool and the seaside resorts.

“I think Wigan will benefit from that and I think we’ll see some major investments coming our way in terms of hotel accommodation.”

Coun Molyneux pointed at a number of the town’s attractions, many of which have received major investment in recent years, as one reason for these developments.

“There is a lot going on,” he added.

“We already know that the football and rugby attract people to the town.

“Then there are other things on offer like Haigh Hall and Mesnes Park and then the likes of Howe Bridge and LSV on the other side.

“It’s a really exciting place to be in terms of what the offer is.”