Hotel site raiders caught on CCTV

Martland Mill prowlers
Martland Mill prowlers
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Brazen thieves are caught on camera during high value raids on a Wigan hotel development.

The images are from two break-ins at the Martland Mill building which happened less than a fortnight apart.

The bespectacled prowler at Martland Mill

The bespectacled prowler at Martland Mill

Thousands of pounds of cabling, copper pipes and power tools have been stolen from the premises which are currently being converted into a Holiday Inn Express.

Owner Stephen McManamon is also facing a repair bill for damages caused during the burglaries which included two smashed exterior doors.

He said today that he believes two different groups were responsible: the first being a trio of youths and the second a more “professional” gang who took more care in avoiding identification.

But both gangs were caught on the CCTV cameras positioned around the Martland Mill Lane premises.

Martland Mill prowlers

Martland Mill prowlers

The first incident happened at around 1am on Monday August 29 when what looks like three youngsters, including a tall boy in spectacles, broke in and stole various items.

Security was tightened thereafter but a second gang, wearing hoods and gloves, then carried out a raid at around 2am on Saturday September 10. This time they smashed their way through two external doors.

Mr McManamon, who has since introduced further security improvements, said: “This is very upsetting. All told this is costing thousands of pounds in lost property and damage repairs.

“Having studied the film footage, which is now with the police, I am convinced two separate groups are responsible. Someone will surely recognise the young lad with the spectacles and perhaps others will know where the stolen property has ended up and perhaps who stole it.”

Mr McManamon pledged that the raids would not delay the hotel construction work.

Anyone recognising the raiders or who has any other details about the break-ins is asked to contact police on 101 or the independent freephone hotline Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.