Huge skip fire close to house

Fire service
Fire service

Firefighters faced a race against time after a large industrial skip caught fire close to a nearby house.

Emergency services were called to the Lamberhead Green Industrial Estate at around 11pm on Saturday.

Crews found the huge industrial container filled with plastic and building waste well alight close to a neighbouring house which had a conservatory and a shed in the garden.

Firefighters raced to stop the fire from spreading but were eventually forced to climb inside the skip, which was at least six metres long and three metres wide, to ensure the flames were fully out.

Crew manager Nigel Shepherd from Wigan fire station said: “It was a very large commercial skip and when we got there it was well alight.

“It was adjacent to a property, it was right on the boundary and quite close to a house with a conservatory and a shed.

“We used water from the appliance and then had to draw water from a nearby hydrant to put it out.

“It was about half full of plastic and other building materials and rubbish and it was very deep and compact so it took us a long time to get it out. A couple of us had to get into the skip and start ripping it apart with our hands to actually extinguish the fire.”

The crew from Wigan fire station were at the scene dealing with the incident for around 90 minutes.

However, the cause of the fire is still a mystery. Crews toured the industrial estate trying to find CCTV cameras but were unable to locate any footage of the incident.