Hunt for hero dog who ran to ‘call for help’

Chisnall Avenue, where a dog helped alert paramedics after a man collapsed
Chisnall Avenue, where a dog helped alert paramedics after a man collapsed

A SEARCH has been launched for Wigan’s answer to hero dog Lassie.

The dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier-type, is at the centre of an incident in which paramedics were called to Chisnall Avenue, Appley Bridge, following reports a man had collapsed.

When they arrived, they found a man in his mid-forties on the pavement after a local farmer, Daniel Green, had dialled 999.

To their astonishment, the reason the farmer had found the man was down to the dog, which had left him and run to the nearby farm and called for help.

Mr Green followed the dog and found the injured man, who had been knocked unconscious, at the side of the road.

He said: “He wandered into my yard so I went down to see if I could find its owner. I saw this bloke on the floor - I think they said he was in a diabetic induced coma after he slipped on the ice.”

The North West Ambulance Service is now on the hunt for the dog, to commend it for its efforts in helping to save the man.

They don’t have any details for the gentleman who fell and have so far struggled to obtain anything from the accident and emergency department at Wigan Infirmary, where the man was taken.

They do believe the dog didn’t belong to the man though and that he was walking it for a friend when the incident took place on February 11.

A spokesman said: “It really is remarkable what this dog has done. The quick-thinking could potentially have saved the man and we are keen to track both of them down. First and foremost to see how they both are but also to congratulate the dog on its efforts. It did a great job in alerting the farmer, it’s somewhat like a modern day Lassie!”

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