Hunt for OAP’s ‘lost’ relatives

James Fairhurst with his grandaughters Abby and Katie Mitchell
James Fairhurst with his grandaughters Abby and Katie Mitchell

A woman is in a race against time to find relatives with whom she has lost touch in time for her dad’s funeral.

James Fairhurst died suddenly on December 19 at the age of 75, and his daughter Sue Mitchell wants to trace his cousins Christine and Peter Evans, who she believes live in Wigan, in order to let them know.

Sue lost contact with her father’s relatives and has not been able to get through to them on the phone number she had for them but is hoping they will come forward in time to be able to attend his funeral.

James, who was from Wigan originally but moved to Wales in the 1960s, wanted to return to the town to be buried with his parents and Sue is in the process of arranging the funeral.

She said: “The last number we had for them I have called and left a message but we haven’t heard back and we think that they might not live there any longer.

“Christine and Peter have always lived in Wigan and my father was from Wigan.

“His final wish was to go back to Wigan and be buried with his parents, so we are just in the process of taking him home.

“My dad was 75 so they would be around that age. He lived in Pemberton before moving to Wales and his parents, Hilda and James Fairhurst, owned a shop.

“He was retired but he originally worked in the pits before he became a long distance lorry driver for many years. He worked as a security operative towards the end of his working life.

“He moved to Wales in the 1960s. He married my mum Jeanette in Wigan but she wanted to go home so they came to Wales to live.”

Sue is not sure yet when the funeral will be but has asked Christine and Peter to get in touch by calling her on 07526 786083.

l Police are appealing for public help to trace next of kin of a Wigan man. Terence Smith, 74, died on Boxing Day. There are no suspicious circumstances but police have been unable to find relatives. Anyone with details should contact the police coroner’s office on 0161 856 5376.