Husband’s campaign for road safety improvements

David Cain
David Cain

A MAN is campaigning for new road safety regulations on a “death trap” busy Wigan road after his wife suffered serious injuries when her car was hit by a lorry.

David Cain is calling for a new traffic scheme to be laid out on the junction where Warrington Road meets Victoria Street in Newtown.

He became concerned about the junction after wife Patricia was involved in an accident with a HGV lorry which was travelling down Warrington Road.

The 63-year-old explained: “The driver changed lanes without indicating, hitting my wife’s car. The lorry dragged her down the road for about 20 metres. This left her with broken fingers and severe shock.

“Since this I have contacted the council with two ideas suggesting they should perhaps stagger the lights or put a give way sign there. They decided to put a camera there for six months to monitor the junction. It is now 18 months later and nothing has changed and I have had no contact back from them at all.

“At the beginning of last month I went into the Life Centre to see someone only to be told they would pass a message on.

“Three weeks later and still no response. Will it take somebody being killed at that junction before action is taken? Because it seems as though everyday somebody is involved in an accident there.”

The junction which links Warrington Road and Victoria Street in Newtown was developed as part of the wider Saddle Junction improvement, but motorists are becoming increasingly concerned about the way the lanes merge.

One driver who didn’t want to be named, said: “It’s crackers. There are cars coming in from the left and right and no-one seems to know who has right of way.”

Mark Tilley, Wigan Council’s assistant director for infrastructure, said: “The layout has been through a complete safety audit process and there have been very few comments or complaints.

“Having the two lane approach allows for traffic to go through Saddle Junction and on to the town centre in two lanes rather than a single lane and there is appropriate and clear signage in place advising of this. In some instances traffic has been merging into one lane too early rather than staying in two lanes onwards, through Saddle Junction and into town.

“There may be a need to change lanes if motorists are heading to Robin Park or the DW Stadium. However, in terms of vehicle numbers this manoeuvre is of a lower volume.”