Hypnotherapist aims to dispel myths

Hypnotherapist Caroline Dawe, in the therapy room at Bank Chamber, Library Street, Wigan.
Hypnotherapist Caroline Dawe, in the therapy room at Bank Chamber, Library Street, Wigan.

A local businesswoman is hoping to dispel some of the myths surrounding hypnosis.

Hypnotherapist Caroline Dawe, who has recently set up her own hypnotherapy clinic after more than two years of training, wants to promote the therapy in a positive light and highlight the wide range of health benefits of the treatment.

And in doing so, the 45-year-old has been quick to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about hypnotherapy.

She said: “A lot of people do ask me if I’m going to make them dance like a chicken.

“In the first meeting, we talk about that, things like stage magic and I alleviate those fears.

“People think they are not going to be in control. But you can even do it with your eyes open.”

Describing how the process actually works, Caroline, who lives in Hindley, said: “It’s kind of like being in a trance state.

“If you sit at your desk and you’re day-dreaming and in a world of your own, it’s like that.

“People have a misconception that you are put asleep, but it’s really just a focused state of attention.

“I am not talking to the conscious self, I am talking to the inner person and your thoughts.

“You just take it in subconsciously, no effort needed.

“It just happens naturally. I do it through relaxation and positive suggestion.”

Hypnotherapy can be used for anything as simple as struggling to sleep, to more serious issues such as anxiety, depression and drug addiction.

Caroline added: “The majority of my clients come in presenting anxiety, stress and mild depression.

“It works from the very first session for these things. My biggest client base in people with anxiety.

“It’s amazing how many young people suffer from this

.“I want to get that message out there that this works, because hypnosis is usually last on the list of ways people seek help.”

For more information, visit carolinedawehypnotherapy.co.uk