“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else" - woman ‘dumped’ in Wigan by cabbie miles from home

Caitlyn Sutton
Caitlyn Sutton

A young woman says she suffered a nightmare ordeal in which a taxi driver demanded money before dumping her miles from home.

Wigan Council’s licensing department has now received an official complaint from Caitlyn Sutton about the shock allegation.

Ms Sutton wrote on Facebook that she and a friend went to a cab rank on Wallgate at midnight on November 23 and asked for a journey to an address close to the Heinz plant in Kitt Green and then to Skelmersdale.

She says that en route she was told by the driver that once her friend got out near Orrell she would then have to pay £20 to get home.

But when she and the driver were alone she then claims he demanded £50 up front. After refusing to pay more she says she ended up being dropped at Orrell Post and forced to make the considerable journey home from there on foot.

She has now lodged a complaint to the council and is urging people thinking of taking taxis late at night to be vigilant.

The town hall has promised to conduct an investigation.

Ms Sutton wrote on Facebook: “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. When my mate was in the car the taxi driver said to us I would have to pay £20 to get to mine. As soon as he got out and the taxi drove away he then repeatedly demanded that I had to pay £50.

“I didn’t pay any extra so he refused to drive me any further than Orrell Post, so I had to walk home from there. If you do take a taxi from the queue opposite Wigan Wallgate station, please make sure you get the driver’s details, the registration and a picture of the car.”

Wigan Council has said it is taking the complaint seriously.

Julie Middlehurst, regulatory services manager, said: “We would encourage anyone with concerns to report them directly to our licensing team. We take all complaints seriously and will look into this matter further.”