‘I will shoot everyone’ - bank robber jailed

Crime story
Crime story

A MAN has been jailed after a threatening note was handed over to staff in a terrifying bank robbery in Wigan.

William Gage, 37, of Hargreaves Road, Liverpool pleaded guilty to robbery at an earlier hearing and was jailed today, (Friday) for 20 months at Liverpool Crown Court.

At around 2pm on Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Gage walked into the Co-Operative bank on Market Street and approached the cashier.

He handed over a note that read: “I have a loaded pistol. No alarms. No codes. Put all notes from the drawer into the bag now. Any drama at all, I will shoot everyone and myself. I have nothing in this life left to lose at all. Calm and quiet now.”

The staff member put £4,000 into the bag before handing it over to him. He then left, walked towards the town centre and got into a taxi.

CCTV showed Gage catch a taxi to a nearby Asda where he changed clothes, leaving them in a holdall behind a counter.

Detective Constable Kevin Telford said: “Although Gage did not say anything to the staff member, the note he handed over to her was threatening and intimidating. As the bank was full of customers, the worker was worried about their safety so did as he asked.

“We studied CCTV and could see he caught a taxi to Asda where he used the fitting rooms to change clothes and leave. He thought he could get away with it but thankfully the long arm of the law caught up with him and he is now serving time behind bars.”