Indefinite jail sentence handed to ‘angry and dangerous young man’

Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas

A WIGAN man whose uncontrollable anger left a stranger dead in an alleyway has been jailed indefinitely.

A judge described Stephen Thomas, whose launched the fatal attack on the day he was released from prison, as “an angry and dangerous young man”.

Only three years ago, the former soldier was the toast of Bryn after bravely tackling a burglar breaking into a neighbour’s milk van.

Thomas, who had trained with the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment as a boxer before quitting after he was deemed temperamentally unsuitable, had treated his victim Darren Bolger as “a defenceless punchbag,” said Mr Justice Henriques.

He had run across a lawn behind a Salvation Army hostel in St Helens, and scaled a 6ft-high metal fence to get to his vulnerable prey, and punched him three times in the face.

The 40-year-old victim fell to the ground hitting his head and suffering a fractured skull.

Thomas ran off but then returned, possibly looking for cigarettes, and kicked him twice in the face before again fleeing heartlessly leaving him lying in a pool of blood.

Mr Justice Henriques ruled that Thomas, 26, poses a significant risk of serious harm to the public, and imposed an indeterminate sentence for public protection.