‘Independent Indie’ given bravery bone

Indie with his owner Jessica Royle
Indie with his owner Jessica Royle

They are man’s (and women’s) best friend.

But one plucky pooch who went above and beyond has so impressed vets treating him they have named him pet of the month.

Indie the border collie, suffers from a life-threatening condition which means he can’t absorb vitamin B12.

And it meant months of treatment at ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists.

Owners Janet and David Royle took Indie to the vets after he suddenly collapsed.

Janet said: “ChesterGates took him in and ran tests on him. We were really impressed that they had read his notes and taken in all the information we had provided.

Vet Ellie Mardell added: “Indie’s presentation was much more unusual, and at the time I had only seen it in one other dog.”

Indie is now on weekly vitamin B12 injections and will remain on these for the rest of his life.

Had his treatment not work he may have had to have been put to sleep.

ChesterGates’ awarded their Pet of the Month title to Indie in recognition of his bravery.