Injured racing dog left to die

Injured greyhound Erin
Injured greyhound Erin

ONCE a talented racer, six-year-old greyhound Erin is a shadow of her former self after she was callously dumped and left for dead.

She was found as a stray wandering the streets of Wigan after being used for racing, abused and then finally abandoned.

Erin has suffered horrific injuries and a desperate appeal has been launched to help nurse her back to health.

Among the treatments needed is to re-attach her muscles to her tendons in her back legs such is the chronic injury she has suffered.

Gilmore Vets in Standish is working together with the Northern Greyhound Rescue to provide the vital surgery she needs.

At first, the pound considered her injuries untreatable and they were going to put her to sleep. However, the Northern Greyhound Rescue charity was determined not to let her die and offered help.

Experts say this is a growing problem in Wigan and the whole of the North West with the amount of greyhounds being dumped.

Another of the dogs in the charity’s care from outside Wigan needs treatment which will amount to the £3,500 mark. It’s a huge cost to the charity’s funding, which also goes towards housing dogs in foster homes.

Vet Natalie Oaks from Gilmore Veterinary practice said: “Behind the scarred face and battered body, lives a strong willed and determined, sweet little soul.

“Northern Greyhound Rescue is a registered charity in the North West and Lancashire area dedicated to improving the lives of greyhounds and lurchers.

“Luckily for Erin, the charity was there to step in and give her the chance that she so desperately needed, and deserved.”

Erin has now been seen by a vet and an orthopaedic specialist and will need an operation on her leg which will cost around £1,000.

Natalie added: “There is the option of amputating the leg but as with every dog that comes into our care, we would like to give her the best chance that we can.

“The operation may not work and we are aware that the leg may yet have to be amputated, however we’re sure that if Erin could have a say in the matter, she would ask us to try to do as much as we can to ensure she keeps the leg.

“Erin couldn’t understand why her body no longer worked and why her owners no longer wanted her.

“She doesn’t deserve the treatment she has had and we would like to ensure she can go on and enjoy the happy life she always should have had.

“She has raced and made money for someone, it’s just a shame they couldn’t have taken care of her when she was injured rather then abandoning her, lame and in obvious pain.”

An appeal is now being made to the Wigan public to help with the funding of the operation by making a donation to the Northern Greyhound Rescue charity, who rely solely on donations from the public.

The charity’s founder, Amanda Gething, says this time of year sees a distressing rise in the number of abandoned dogs.

She said: “My phone is non-stop with people wanting shut of dogs. This time of year is horrendous, it’s the post Christmas kicking out period.

“Most of it starts with greyhound trainers after dogs suffer injuries when they’ve raced.

“Natalie has kindly offered to foster Erin so she really couldn’t be in better care than what she’s in.

“The other local lass we have is in a really bad way, we think she was in a collision while racing.

“They are such sensitive dogs who put up with so much.”

For more information or to donate to the charity or information on raising a fund-raiser, visit