Inmate climbed onto roof at Hindley Prison

HMYOI Hindley- the prison rooftops
HMYOI Hindley- the prison rooftops

An inmate had to be talked down by staff after clambering onto a roof at Hindley Prison.

The Wigan Evening Post was tipped off that the young man had clambered onto the top of a flat-roofed building within the precincts of the Young Offenders’ Institution at around 4pm yesterday.

But the Ministry of Justice later confirmed that the man came down within an hour. It is not clear why the inmate had taken to the roof of the building in the first place nor has it been explained his motives, although he was acting alone.

Governors felt no need to make precautionary calls to the emergency services in case the incident escalated or took a tragic turn. An MoJ spokesman said that incident had been resolved without incident or injury when the man came down of his own accord.