Inspectors rap care home for their shortage of staff

Mahogany Care Home
Mahogany Care Home

Residents at a Wigan care home have suffered waits of more than an hour for help due to a lack of staff.

A recent watchdog inspection reported that Mahogany Care Home, in Newtown, requires improvements across the board.

This is the second time the Marsden Street home has been told to shape up after two consecutive inspections.

During a visit back in July, the Care Quality Commission social care officers spoke with residents and visitors about their feelings regarding the home.

The report, which has now been published, says: “Residents reported long delays in staff answering call bells or that staff would answer the call bell and turn it off promising to return shortly. We were told staff didn’t always return as indicated and that there had been occasions when they had been required to wait in excess of an hour to have their cares needs met.”

One resident told inspectors: “They are short staffed now. When I press my buzzer, they come after a while.”

Another added: “Sometimes there are not enough staff and it takes them sometime for them to see me when I ring my buzzer. You always have to wait for help but sometimes it isn’t for too long.”

One visitor said: “I don’t feel there are enough staff as when I visit, people tell me they are desperate to go to the toilet and they have been waiting for a long time. This happens very frequently when in the dining room.”

Another visitor told inspectors that they witnessed someone shouting for at least 15 minutes for a drink before they were attended to.

They added: “The home is understaffed. We don’t blame the staff for the delays; they are rushed off their feet. Staff that had been here a long time left and the new management attitude seems to be if staff are not happy then they can leave.”

However, despite concerns about the staffing arrangements, the employees as individuals have been commended by the inspectors for their hard work and attitude towards residents.

This was included in the “caring” section of the report, which outlined that the service was not “consistently caring”.

The report says: “Staff intentions were positive and demonstrated a caring and patient approach. However, due to insufficient staffing there were some areas of staff practice that had compromised people’s dignity.

“Staff understood people’s care needs and offered choices when providing support. People and staff spoke fondly of each other and appropriate contact and comfort was observed being given to people during the inspection.”

Mahogany Care Home has now been instructed to indicate how it plans to meet the regulations which have been breached.