Inspirational mum and daughter duo

Jen Blackwell won Woman of The Year at the Enterprise Vision Awards 2015
Jen Blackwell won Woman of The Year at the Enterprise Vision Awards 2015

A DETERMINED mother and daughter duo from a disabled Wigan dance group have been commemorated for their tireless work in the community.

Jen and Sue Blackwell from DanceSyndrome scooped the Inspirational Woman of the Year award at the Enterprise Vision Awards 2015.

This is a reflection of the pair’s years of hard work establishing the Hindley organisation.

Now 33, Jen founded the charity, DanceSyndrome, based at The Rose Club, formally The Monaco Ballroom, last year after she decided to follow her dream.

And having lived with Down’s syndrome her whole life, she knows just how important it is to feel included.

This passion to bring dance to the borough’s vulnerable is what made her stand out to the judges at the prestigious awards at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens.

Mum Sue said: “It’s an absolutely incredible achievement. Jen also got a standing ovation and ‘the best speech of the night’ according to many.

“I’m thrilled for Jen and DanceSyndrome. We so appreciate the support of every single person involved on our journey and there have been lots and lots over the years.”

Jen couldn’t believe her luck when her name was read out as the winner of Inspirational Woman award.

Sue added: “Table 14 erupted in cheers and a scattering of tears amidst hugs of joy, amazement and disbelief. “Through noise and clapping and a standing ovation, Jen and I were escorted onto the stage for Jen to receive amazing public recognition for her determination, battles and challenges to lead a life in dance, inspire others through dance, and share her passion with everyone.

“With remarkable composure she moved many to tears with her eloquent acceptance speech receiving yet more applause, acknowledgement and congratulations, followed by celebrations well into the night, a night we shall never forget.

“This outcome is nothing short of incredible. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that this could happen to any one of us, least of all to Jen given all the hurdles which life inevitably throws in your way when you have learning disabilities. 

“Jen, DanceSyndrome and I are surrounded by a cohort of people who believe that everyone has the same rights.  This award is testimony to the power of teamwork where everyone contributes allowing Jen to contribute through her language of dance.

“As she follows her dream opportunities for others are born, whether disabled or non-disabled. She carries the torch for disabled entrepreneurs fighting to be seen as equals in the business community.”

Classes at DancySyndrome cost £5 per session. For more information contact 07411082599 or 07846293337.