Invasion of the pink postboxes!

The delightful-looking pink postbox on Swinley Road
The delightful-looking pink postbox on Swinley Road

THE sight of pink postboxes popping up around the borough has delivered its fair share of confusion in the last few days.

Baffled residents have been asking whether they have anything to do with Wigan Council’s Believe In Her campaign.

Another of the pink postboxes in Wigan

Another of the pink postboxes in Wigan

But Royal Mail bosses have stamped out this theory, explaining the new shade is just a new undercoat as the postboxes are getting a fresh lick of paint.

A spokesman told the Evening Post it was pure coincidence the pink postboxes have emerged at the same time as the local authority’s bid to empower women and would return to their usual red in the next few days.

Similarities had been drawn with the Labour Party’s pink “battle van” aimed at helping the party connect with women ahead of the General Election.

The vehicle, slammed in some quarters as “patronising” and “sexist”, was called into action recently by borough MP Julie Hilling at the Dorset Road Community Centre in Hag Fold.

And Wigan MP Lisa Nandy showed her support, saying last month: “Women in Wigan have been hit hard by this government.

“Rising childcare costs and a growing pay gap have left many families struggling to make ends meet.”

The council launched Believe in Her earlier this month to tackle sexism and empower women. And although the pink postboxes were not a planned addition to the campaign, council officers did seize on the opportunity to use one outside the Town Hall in a social media post.

Included with the picture, the council posted: “Residents love the pink postboxes. Can we get a pledge from Royal Mail for Believe In Her?”

The pink postboxes have been spotted so far in the town centre, on Swinley Road and close to Mesnes Park.