Is this the Platt Bridge Batman?

Wigan's very own caped crusader
Wigan's very own caped crusader
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HAS the Platt Bridge vigilante patrolling the streets as Batman unmasked himself?

Following the Evening Post’s revelation that a caped crusader was waging a lone crusade against anti-social behaviour, one Wiganer has taken to social media to claim the mantle.

In a video posted from the account of Stevie Pownall, a caped crusader is heard saying: “To all the people in Platt Bridge, just want to let you know you’re all safe.

“I’m going to be doing everything I can within my powers to fight crime.

“If anyone has got any problems, come down and see me. Any problems, let’s be having them.”

He adds he will later be on patrol at the nearby McDonald’s drive-through and true to his word another video was posted showing Batman chasing the Joker through the fast-food restaurant.

Last month the Evening Post reported that a self-styled guardian of the peace had been spotted around Platt Bridge, leading to several names being thrown into the hat about the crime-fighter’s true identity.

And so the question remains whether the recent videos are a genuine unmasking or whether Mr Pownall has taken inspiration from our story.

In our original story, a member of the borough’s emergency services praised the super-hero’s presence, telling the Evening Post: “People can’t believe what they have been seeing - only in Platt Bridge, eh? This bloke in the full Batman kit and caboodle is walking up and down at night with his torch.

“When people have spoken to him he has said he is keeping an eye on cars after recent break ins or mirrors and wipers being torn off.

“He won’t say who he is but somebody must have seen him leaving his house in all this get up.

“That is unless he gets changed in a phone box, super-hero style, of course!

“It’s a piece of fun with a serious message. If he keeps the yobs away, what harm does it do?”